Julian is one cool dude! He is kind and loving
and never stops moving and growing.

Once he was very little, but now I call him "Big Guy."

He loves flowers, sunshine, the moon, playing, books, music, dogs, and the outdoors.
I think he understands everything that is said to him. He never stops exploring,
and it is great fun to wander around the neighborhood, watching his eyes light up and
his smile grow wide when he sees something that interests or amuses him.

Julian my guy!
Julian and his trike!

Julian is one cool dude!

My bath tub then and now...

Julian is our angel

Daddy brought me home a tee shirt

I love my books

I see SNOW (for the very first time)...

Yosemite in the winter

I'm a traveling man...

Julian gardener

Mama carries me...

Adventures are fun

Cuddling Julian

Up close and personal!

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